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hi, i'm sean.

Sean Luke Gonio

Multimedia Artist

Sound Design | Music Production | Film

Also known as Maoi, Sean is a versatile artist deeply passionate about sound design, music production, film, and photography. Currently interning at EWTN Asia-Pacific, he creates immersive experiences blending visuals and sound to tell emotionally impactful stories. Beyond his internship, Sean actively supports local artists and excels in translating their visions into meaningful music.

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Sean Gonio, also known as Maoi, is a multidisciplinary artist with a passion sound design, music production, film, and photography. His work is characterized by his inquisitive nature and adventurous spirit, which he has cultivated since a young age. Through his unique approach to art, Sean has created a body of work that is both innovative and captivating.

Currently a multimedia intern at EWTN Asia-Pacific, Sean crafts immersive visual and auditory experiences, seamlessly blending sight and sound to create emotionally resonant stories.

During his free time, Sean passionately supports local and emerging artists, producing music that carries a meaningful impact. His talent lies in understanding an artist's vision and translating it into music that captivates and inspires.

With a diverse portfolio reflecting his exploration of film, sound, and music, Sean aims to stand at the forefront of multimedia production. His dedication to the craft and his commitment to pushing creative boundaries are evident in every project he undertakes.

Joshua Lopez

President, Halyon Records

"He's the type of guy you'd want to have on your team. He brings the best ideas and he will fill up for what is needed without being asked. Could never ask for a better sound engineer."

Lian Robert

Director, Ligaya

Madaling pakisamahan si Kuya Sean kasi alam niya ung role and ung work niya, hindi siya kailangan pagsabihan, kusa niya na itong gagawin lalo na kapag baguhan ka at gusto mo siya tulungan i-eexplain niya kung paano ba ito ginagawa. Malaking help si Kuya Sean sa Tutribun Productions noon sa pag gawa ng Ligaya kasi most of us ay walang alam sa Sound Department, buti nalang andiyan siya kaya ang ganda ng naging output namin. Deserve manalo ng Best Sound sa Iklikula: BMMA Short Film Festival Year 1!

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